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Yao Mikami

Karen Minami

Tim Parry

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Liquidelic is a collaborative performance project between three artists from complementary disciplines. Yao Mikami, born in Central Japan now making a living as a visionary artist in Australia; Karen Minami, a Jazz-trained dancer from Tokyo with over 20 years professional dance experience in Japan; and Tim Parry, a contemporary jazz musician originally from Melbourne. All now residing in the Byron shire, these three artists have developed the live performance project, Liquidelic. The trio developed this show from long adventurous jams in an exclusive artist community tucked away in the hinterland of Byron Bay. What started as a creative experiment, developed into a performance project following the feedback from early audiences who happened upon these secret artist jams hidden in the rainforest.

Liquidelic showcases the vibrant spark that occurs when these three complimentary mediums collide. A typical show will consist of live guitar layered with produced music, a dancer performing choreographed movement, and a moving live artwork of liquid colour being projected over the performance space from the visual artist’s workstation. The result is a finely rehearsed multi-media performance in which three elements become a single piece. The trio developed this show from extended jams in an exclusive artist community tucked away in the hinterland of Byron Bay. It is common for audience members to be moved to tears during the show that has been described as “powerful colour-therapy” and “incredible, the highest form of art”.

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