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Yao Mikami


Karen Minami


Tim Parry

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Mico Sundari


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Liquidelic is a collaborative performance project uniting artists from diverse disciplines. Yao Mikami, originally from Central Japan and now a contemporary visual artist in Australia; Karen Minami, a Jazz-trained dancer with over two decades of professional experience in Tokyo; Tim Parry, a contemporary jazz musician hailing from Melbourne; and Mico Sundari, a vocalist trained in Japanese and Indian traditional singing, all now call the Byron Shire home and have come together to create Liquidelic.

With origins in an exclusive artist community nestled in Byron Bay's hinterland, this live performance project evolved from adventurous jams. What initially began as a creative experiment transformed into a full-fledged production after positive feedback from early audiences who stumbled upon these secluded experiments in the rainforest.

Liquidelic seamlessly intertwines music, dance, and visual art, encapsulating the vibrant synergy when these mediums collide. Audiences are transported into a realm of diverse music, mesmerizing visuals, and a spectrum of vivid colours. As the show progresses, viewers often find themselves deeply moved, experiencing an emotional journey that transcends conventional artistic boundaries. Many are overwhelmed by the spectrum of colours that cascade over the performance space, often leading to tearful and profound experiences. The transformative power of the show has been described as 'powerful colour-therapy' and 'the highest form of art' by audiences left spellbound and mesmerised by this unique presentation.

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