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Mico Sundari

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Voice Therapist | Nada Yogin
Born into a family of Japanese Shinto line.
She has been dedicated to the path of “Nada Yoga”- Yoga of sound for 13 years. Having studied and practiced with great teachers such as Gina Sala (Global Vocalist /Cirque Du Soleil), Taro Terahara ( Indian Classical Musician/Bansuli Player).
Her remedial voice session are highly regarded by professional yoga teachers, therapists, healers, actors, musicians, and parents.
Based in the Rainbow Shire, Mico will guide you into the mystical world of your own voice to heal and ignite your spirit.
A Facilitator of “New Moon Kirtan in Byron Bay” and a tutor of the Sanskrit, navigator of Byron Bay FM, Multicultural Nation, she is happily supporting people to reconnect with their inner sanctuary with the power of “Breath” and “Mantras” to manifest their divine purpose, “Samkalpa”.

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