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Karen Minami

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Dancer. Karen grew up in Tokyo, where she was a performer with Ikuko Kanemitsu Dance Company for 20 years, giving her world-class training and experience in Jazz and Contemporary dance. Karen was awarded the GrandPrix prize at the Jazz Dance Art Association Competition in 2007. Always curious about other forms of dance, Karen has also studied dance in New York, Varanasi, Melbourne and Sydney. She has toured internationally as a dancer with award-winning artist Afro Moses and has performed at various Australian music festivals. Karen moved to Byron Bay in 2013 and now incorporates influences of West African, Ballet, Belly Dancing, Tap and Kathak dance into her original Contemporary Jazz dance choreography. Her role in Liquidelic is to help create the story of a set, choreograph dance in collaboration with music and visual art, and perform as the dancer on stage.

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