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6 july at Otherworld

Featuring Liquidelic, DJ Peach, and Club Sandwich Visuals.

We are thrilled to be hosting a special event at Otherworld, a unique creative venue in the heart of Byron Bay. As usual, Liquidelic invites you to experience a sensory feast like no other. However, in addition to the Liquidelic show, we want to draw you into a fully immersive experience. By partnering with Otherworld and some very talented artists, we are able to craft an unforgettable evening, taking you on a journey through light, sound, movement, and colour.

This is something different from our regular show, so don't miss out on this unique experience at Otherworld Byron Bay where you will have the chance to dance, swim, float and fly through colour, liquid and light. Step into the world of Liquidelic, where artistry meets magic in an evening of wonder and enchantment. 

The ticket includes admission to Otherworld Gallery.

You are invited to the world of Liquidelic

Vibrancy. In every sense of the word this show emanates vibrancy. Colour, sound, movement. All unified into a single piece. A feast for the senses with room for the imagination to roam free.

Liquidelic is a live performance art project spawned from the collaboration of highly-skilled artists from different disciplines: Music, Visual Art and Dance. Liquidelic showcases the vibrant spark that occurs when these three complimentary mediums collide. A visually stunning analogue liquid light projection show cascades over choreographed dance pieces, with a soundtrack of hybrid live/produced original music. The result is a finely rehearsed multi-media performance in which three elements become a single piece.


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